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 2019 Bingo Schedules

If your Post / Chapter is unable to go on your scheduled day, please contact your Hospital Representative. If your Post / Chapter cannot attend, Money for the supplies and prizes must be forwarded at least 1 month in advance of your due date.

Posts with no Auxiliary will receive assistance from the Department Auxiliary. The Post must contact the Hospital Representative if assistance is required.

Veterans Representative * Walter Owiesny * 586-212-5625 *  fara.owiesny@gmail.com
Auxiliary Representative * Dolores Lybik * 734-676-7206
Auxiliary Deputy * Janice Tchorz 734-837-8947


Dingell VAMC
Bingo /Activity Held on 2nd Saturday B-2 North at 2 PM

Regular and 1 Diet Soda, Regular and Sugar Free Jello or Pudding and Fruit (individual cups), Corn Curls / Cheese and Crackers may be served. Bring your own cups, napkins, bowls, ice-buckets and service utensils - none are available or are to be left behind including empty bottles and plastic bowls. NO Volunteers allowed in patient's rooms - only Recreation Area.
If your Post / Chapter is unable to attend, please advise your VAVS Rep or Dep 1 Month in advance and also furnish a check for the cost of refreshments and the Bingo prizes.

Veterans Representative Walter Owiesny * 586.212.5625
Veterans Deputy Karl Kalita * 

Auxiliary Representative * Marie Michalski * 586-222-2504
Auxiliary Rep. * Delores Lybik 734.675.4136
Auxiliary Deputy * Janet Tchorz 734.837.8947

John D. Dingell VA Hospital 2019 Schedule Off Station Events

Other VA Hospitals Annual Bus Trips - 2019 TENTATIVE

John D. Dingell VAMC 2019 Schedule
State Department Post & Chapters #10 - #11 - #12 - #16 - #75

Play Bingo and furnish snacks and regular or diet sodas.
See Nurse for CLC, A6S, (special diets)

     1st. Thursday of the month  2 p.m.-----------------Post & Chapter #12 - B2N
2nd. Thursday of the month 6:30 p.m.--------- Post #16 (CLC) - A6S
     4th. Thursday of the month 2 p.m.------------------Post & Chapter #10 - B2N

OPEN If falls on Holiday in 2019 

Sunday 9 AM - Room 1290 - 1st. Floor - Red Section
Coffee Hour after 2 Chapel Services
(Chapel Attendees Only)

Bring one (1) can of coffee, gallon of milk, gallon of orange juice and 5-6 dozen assorted donuts or pastries.  (Nothing Home Baked) 

 If you are unable to attend, please advise your VAVS Rep or Dep in

 advance and also furnish a check for the cost of refreshments and prizes.

If you are scheduled for a Bingo on the Community Living Center and need to cancel, please contact one of the Recreational Therapists by 4:00 pm the day of the sheduled Bingo.

Carrie Drobek ....................(313) 576-4760 - X65749
Kelly Cousino ....................(313) 576-1217 - X65749
Maureen McDonald ...........(313) 576-1000 - X65749

 If you need to cancel after 4:00 pm the day of the scheduled Bingo, please contact the Community Living Center nursing station at: 
A6 South (313) 576-4299
A6 North (313) 576-4325

 Thank you for everything that you do for our veterans that live on the
Community Living Center.

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